Packaging Trends 2019


In a world of 2 second attention spans and algorithms, brands have to stand out in order to grab the attention of the consumer. Branding is so important in telling stories and communicating what the business does, as well as what it stands for.

Trends play hand-in-hand with branding, as you want to be ahead of the game, forecasting what will appeal to the customer. Aesthetics are everything these days so here are 3 upcoming packaging trends to take your branding game to the next level. Or we can just do your branding for you? Whatever floats your boat.


Sustainable Reinvention

“Sustainability among brands is undergoing a renaissance as eco-conscious consumers demand ethical practices, responsible behaviour and innovation to cut excess. In response, brands are creating products, services, packaging, and new systems that are as desirable and functional as they are eco-friendly.” – J Walter Thompson Intelligence

Not sure if everyone got the memo but climate change is a major issue. The future of brands shows the need to reinvent the packaging system with new ways to sell and deliver product. Brands such as Lush have started selling their products packageless under the ‘Naked’ name, and have opened 3 stores exclusively selling these products. Another way brands are approaching the sustainability issues are through the use of refills. Human Kind is a subscription service that sells personal care products, and provides personalised refills that suit the consumer. Ditch that deodorant can, mouth wash or tooth paste and instead refill your products. Future packaging will show the reinvention of product usage, ditching the disposable label.



Total Transparency

With the growing demand for authenticity and transparency, consumers are demanding more meaningful branding. They no longer want the same old, blend in with the rest product, and instead want meaningful connections with the brand. Brandless is a retailer selling products from health and wellbeing through to home and pet products, minus the fancy branding and mark-up. Being completely transparent with the business values and the ingredients that make up the products, Brandless is the new way of shopping for every day essentials. In the beauty market, packaging is a key aspect of branding, being a central part of consumer experience and brand identity creating loyal consumers. Brands such as Glossier and Fenty Beauty are a prime example of the transparent aesthetic-focused branding.

“Inclusive design is going mainstream in fashion and houseware, with a host of big brands and innovators designing tools for a more accepting and compassionate future.” – J Walter Thompson Intelligence



Colour Conversations

Colour is such a powerful tool in marketing, able to tell stories and convey emotions. Across a variety of markets, colour is being used in a whimsical way to communicate flavours and connotations for the product. This connection of colour and minimalism conveys a new level of luxury and simplicity to branding. The use of colour gradient is also reflected in upcoming packaging specifically in the beauty and health and wellbeing market as seen through Aroma and Pehaligon.


Line and Dot packaging trends

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