Burberry Resort



Today we’re sharing some love on the 2020 Burberry Resort collection, specifically the graffiti inspired pieces.

Line + Dot Creative is mad about trends. We adore fashion and all that it encompasses so today we’re talking about the recent Burberry Resort 2020 collection.


Heritage and modernity. Burberry is the 164 year old fashion house known for the classic plaid trench coats. More recently though, Burberry is the upcoming streetwear brand targeting today’s millennial. The Resort collection uses graffiti inspired patterns, appearing more modern and younger.


“With the growing importance of social media, celebrity seeding and more, streetwear has spread like wild fire. Everyone wants a piece of it. It has created a ‘limited only – buy now or it’s gone’ sense of urgency for consumers.” - Kelly Wong

Line and Dot Burberry resort

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